At our Their Place we run a Adult Inclusion Center, Day Habilitation, & Saturday Recreation Program. Our programs features training focused on teaching adults with intellectual and development disabilities (aged 21 and over,) the skills needed to foster meaningful social connections between those with and without IDD through assisted programming and coaching.

Our Program is conveniently located at:
Adult Community Inclusion Center
415 Rt. 18 South, Suite 4
East Brunswick, NJ 08816


There are many reasons why you will benefit from choosing Their Place as your provider, however, these are just a few that we feel make a big difference:

Warm, Family Environment – We are deeply passionate about the community and the families we serve. Our number one priority IS to make our clients feel at home and are comfortable in their surroundings.

Experienced Staff – Each of our Direct Support Professionals have extensive training and knowledge in their particular field.

Holistic Approach – Our program encourages the development of skills including activities of daily living, social engagement skills, self-advocacy.

Encourage Individual Growth – Our professional staff encourage connectivity between individuals which helps to ensure exposure to new experiences and friendships.

Our Facility Features – A state of the art kitchen, music and technology rooms along with a spacious recreational area.


Positive Behavioral Support Service encompasses a wide array of services meticulously designed to provide much-needed behavioral, social, and emotional support to individuals whether it is integrated as an embedded component within an individual's current support service or offered as a Stand-Alone Behavioral Service. This comprehensive approach includes an initial consultation, a thorough assessment process, the development of personalized behavior plans, and specialized training for effectively implementing behavior support strategies.


The ultimate aim of this process is empowering individuals, nurturing their independence, cultivating a profound sense of belonging, and fostering inclusion within their community. By offering Positive Behavioral Support Services, we strive to foster positive growth and well-being, creating an environment where each individual can thrive and lead a fulfilling life.


IHS services are available for individuals that are DDD eligible. The types of IHS services that Their Place offers are Community Based Supports and Individual Supports for any eligible adult facing challenges functioning at home and/or in the community.

Their Place offers the option for a family member of the individual seeking services to be trained and hired as a Direct Support Professional. Our team of supervisors are committed to training and supporting the needs of both the family hires and the individuals that we serve. Their Place does staff knowledgeable and dedicated staff to those individuals where a family hire is not available.

Our staff will work with your loved one to meet their specific needs according to their Individual Support Plan (ISP) and Service Goal. Some essential skills they may acquire:

  • Connection to the community
  • Activities of daily living
  • Socialization skills
  • Increased independence skills
  • Personal hygiene and grooming
  • Taking medication as prescribed
  • Money management
  • Eating/Meal planning and preparation
  • Use of telephone or other form of communication
  • Use of adaptive equipment and technology


  • Inspire
  • Adult Inclusion Center

Adult Inclusion Center & Inspire Day Habilitation generally takes place in group settings where participants begin and end their day in a center located in East Brunswick. Programs generally operates five days a week and are individually tailored for individuals to learn new skills, pursue individual interests, and attain lifelong goals and dreams. Escorted by highly trained Their Place staff, shopping, museum tours, and other trips are planned with our staff, and family members, and each person's transportation to and from home can be provided. Customized options are available for those persons living at home who prefer to experience community-based outings a few hours a week. Activities, services, and supports are provided to enhance skills in the following areas:

  • Team Building
  • Health & Wellness
  • Creative Arts
  • Culinary
  • Life Skills- Social and Emotional Learning
  • Creative Writing
  • Music & Movement
  • Money Management


Tuesdays 3:30 – 4:30 PM

Our Leadership Academy is a comprehensive program designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills to become impactful community leaders. Through interactive activities like role-playing, personal sharing, and group discussions, participants enhance selfawareness, self-esteem, and self-advocacy skills, promoting personal development and empowerment. 

Join us in this transformative journey of leadership development, community engagement, and positive change.


 Saturdays 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

We believe that even the widest range of services is too narrow if it overlooks enjoyment. The Saturday Recreation Program encourages friendships, fun and community engagement and is always expanding. The program includes bi-weekly outings and leisure activities including trips to zoos and museums, dining out, cooking and baking, movies and theatre, and a wide range of social activities.


Monday, Wednesday, & Fridays 3:30 – 6:00 PM

At Their Place Beyond the Bell program, we prioritize creating a welcoming and inclusive environment where individuals with disabilities can connect with their peers, develop new skills, and feel a sense of belonging. We aim to empower Individuals with disabilities to reach their full potential and achieve their goals. Our program promotes socialization, physical training, and developing skills. Participants in our program will have access to various activities,  art classes, sensory stimulation activities, team building games, and fitness. Our program is designed to be Inclusive and accessible to individuals with various disabilities. Our staff members are trained to provide appropriate accommodations and support as needed.