Beyond the Bell

Weekday 3:30 – 6:30 PM

At Their Place Beyond the Bell program, we prioritize creating a welcoming and inclusive environment where individuals with disabilities can connect with their peers, develop new skills, and feel a sense of belonging. We aim to empower Individuals with disabilities to reach their full potential and achieve their goals. Our program promotes socialization, physical training, and learning new skills. Participants in our program will have access to various activities, including Fine art classes, stem education classes, sensory stimulation activities, team building games, and recreational sports. Our program is designed to be Inclusive and accessible to individuals with various disabilities. Our staff members are trained to provide appropriate accommodations and support as needed.

Ways to Help

Your generous support helps us offer quality services. These services are not only vital and relied on they also help the people we serve reach their fullest potential.

  • Provide safe and supportive environment

  • Offer activities and trips to enrich the lives of the people we serve

  • Parent groups offering support and guidance

You can contact our Intake department at for more information.